July 15th










July 15th

Today was a full day! After the breakfast, the cleaning and the planning time, we watched the World Cup, Croatia against France. We were all sitting in the lullabies room and fast it became like a real stadium in there! – Marta (Italy)

It was really cool to watch it with a group of people from all around the world, even if none of our teams made it to the final. It made many of us think of how our families were at home watching the same thing, and we talked about who we expected our families to be cheering for and about their World-Cup-watching habits and traditions. – Alison (Canada)

After resting during siesta, we played dodgeball. We split people in two groups and we started to play… after 10 minutes of playing the classic game, when people got hit, they started getting disabilities. And after we continued playing with the disabilities. It was still fun, but for some people it got really hard to play, because some people only had one hand, or some other people were blind. After the game we had a discussion about diversity. – Toby (Czech Republic)

The last activity of the day was the Mexican Cultural activity. It was a debate about the conquering times. There were two sides, the ones who supported the argument that conquerors need to pay back to the countries they conquered in the past and the ones who didn’t. Both sides needed to prepare a speech, build a castle and dress a representative who will present their argument. At one point of the activity, there was a planned incident where a speech got ripped and a castle destroyed. The incident looked so real, I was surprised! Even though I planned the activity. It was a great activity. – Rodrigo (Mexico)

It was really interesting because they simulated what is happening in Mexico at this moment with the elections. They tried to make us feel as they feel every day. I felt confused and a little bit scared and I think this was their objective. – Marta (Italy)

The Mexican activity was really good and I loved it! – Omri (Israel)

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  1. It wouldbe so nice if you published the last days to. I know they are written. Please please please!

  2. We will! Our team is currently involved in other projects, so we will upload the last days at the beginning of September.

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