July 13th






July 13th

Today the Italians were Delegation of the day. We served Nutella with bread for breakfast. The Nutella finished in 10 minutes. For lunch we cooked a lot of pasta with pesto, and that finished really fast too! Before dinner we asked everyone to guess Italian gestures. It was very funny! We had fun and we ate really good food! – Cesare (Italy)

The first activity was a simulation game. Some people had to complete a task, and some made it very easily and others were struggling to finish because they had no help and no money. After the game we talked about poverty and privilege. – Mariana (Portugal)

At the beginning of the game we were divided in 3 groups and each group got different amounts of money without anyone knowing. Then we had an auction where we could buy certain items that they said would help us in some way. I was in the group that we later found out was representing poverty. We only got a small amount of money. We could barely buy anything because the other groups had so much more, and could always offer more than us during the auction. After the auction, we had to use the objects we bought to “cross the river”. Our group did not make it to the other side, but the privileged groups got there very fast. – Joar (Sweden)

Later, our staff ran an activity on trust. We split into groups and the goal was to get the most points. Every group had to send a person up with a blue or a yellow paper and depending on the papers everyone sent up you would get points or get points taken away. There was an option for everyone to get points and everyone would win but for that to happen everyone would have to cooperate and trust each other. Trust was broken easily and it soon turned into a race to win. In the debrief we spoke about what happens when trust is broken and how we all have an instinct to want to win and that we take for granted that when someone wins someone has to lose. – Makayla (Canada)

The first two activities were a great mix of fun games – running games – and debriefing. Everyone participated, and it felt great. Instead of the last activity we organized “country tables” for tomorrow’s Open day. It was nice to see it. Every country brought a lot of examples of their culture, including food, flag, map… I can’t wait to see it happen! – Ilaï (Israel)


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