July 12th











July 12th

Today during activity 1 we played a series of water games and after we talked about the consumption of water in different countries and sustainable development.

Czech Republic was the Delegation of the day so at lunch we had to dance “Polka”, a traditional dance, to get to eat!

After lunch we had activity 2. We did engineering work to figure out how to let an egg fall without breaking it. We really care for the eggs! The goal of the game was to explore that different types of leadership.

At dinner we had quesadillas and it was delicious.

And finally, we had the Spain Cultural Activity. We received different passports and we needed to try to get in Spain, so we did some tasks for it. After, we got to talk about travel, immigration and refugees.

– Mavi (Brazil), Fanny (Sweden), Yarden (Israel), David (Spain), Callym (Canada), Federico (Italy)

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  1. It is so o interesting to read about everything you get to do. Thank you for the blog!!

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