July 11th

July 11th

Today our day started with waking up with the Delegation of the day which was Israel.  – Maru (Czech Republic)

We woke up an hour later because our leaders and staffs love us! And the staffs made “crêpe” with maple syrup 🙂 It was reaaally good. – João (Brazil)

After breakfast we did a super clean of the camp. – Mariah (Canada)

We had Laundry day, which means that we packed all our dirty clothes and changed our sheets. Everything was nicely packed in individual bags. But after lunch happened a really huge mess because every clothes were mixed up…. – Maru (Czech Republic)

So, the activity in the morning became: find your clothes!! The activity 2 was “Cinderella”, an amazing activity (and really funny) that made us think about cultural stereotypes. After that the local Junior Branch arrived and we played some of their games for activity 3. – João (Brazil)

After burgers and fries for dinner we got ready for bed. In the lullabies room we all together watched a movie called the Truman Show. At the end of the day we were just talking with our friends and looking forward to our leaders and staffs coming back!! – Maru (Czech Republic)

When they came back we all rushed to give them hugs because we missed them!! – Mariah (Canada)

We hope that the leaders and staffs had a good time! – Inés (Mexico)

We did 😉 – The leaders and staffs (from all over)

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