July 14th – Impact day & Open day















July 14th – Impact day & Open day

Today was the Impact day and the Open day. First Dialogue+ came and did four workshops for us. One was about debating, another was about institutions in our countries, one led us to write things that affect us (family, friends, etc.) and things that make our personality. And the last one was a card game where we chose two pictures and had to explain what they mean to us. After the workshops, we had a BBQ and the families started to arrive. – Xinana (Portugal)

The Open day is a day were the camp is open to every host families that welcomed us and all the people from the local CISV chapter and all the people that made this camp possible. I think that the people who came had a lot of fun, and they really liked the Spanish stand 🙂 We had a lot of typical food. I really liked this day because I could eat a lot of food and see typical things from each country. – Ines (Spain)

For Open day, all delegations had prepared decorations and food and snacks for their presentation tables. The Swedish delegation had knäckebröd with Kalles kaviar, hard bread with a kind of condiment that’s made of smoked fish eggs. – Loni (Sweden)

Our station of Brazil showed our food that we prepared ourselves. We also brought some candies from Brazil (which are so delicious, you need to try). In my opinion it was a nice experience to look at everybody trying our food and learning about Brazil! – Pedro (Brazil)

Open day went super well, all the booths were super well done. There were lots of snacks and cool cultural items. It was extra special for me because my friend from Peace Bus came to visit. It was super nice to reunite with him and cool to meet his brother. – Keagan (Canada)

After the intensive day we finished off with a great Talent Show. David (Spain) performed Toxic, René (Staff) and Tiago (Portugal) sang Hallelujah, Mariah and Makayla (Canada) sang Ring of Fire. There was juggling, a dance off and a very dramatic reading of Let it go. – Loni (Sweden)

It’s just eight more days until the camp will be over. I made so many new friends and I really want it not to end… – Adam (Czech Republic)

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