Cet été, le chapitre de Montréal accueille neuf délégations dans le cadre d’un programme « Step Up ». Le programme Step Up – aussi connu en français sous le nom « Pas à Pas » – est un camp international de trois semaines. Ce programme est tout particulier en ce que les participants assument certaines responsabilités dans la planification et le fonctionnement du camp. Les jeunes développent eux-même des activités selon un thème choisi par le chapitre hôte et en lien avec l’une des quatre thématiques de CISV – droits humains, diversité, résolution de conflit et développement durable. Pour souligner l’année CISV de la diversité, notre camp a pour thème Trait d’union

Au camp Trait d’union, des individus des quatre coins du monde s’uniront pour partager leurs rêves et leurs peurs. Leurs idées et leurs interrogations. Nos délégations proviennent du Brésil, du Canada, de la République Tchèque, de l’Israël, de l’Italie, du Mexique, du Portugal, de l’Espagne et de la Suède. Le camp Trait d’union sera le lien entre leurs réalités distinctes. Ce sera l’endroit où nous trouverons quel est notre trait d’union.

This summer, the Montreal Chapter welcomes nine delegations from different countries as part of a « Step Up » programme. The Step Up programme is a three-week international camp. This programme is unique in that the participants assume certain responsibilities in the planning and operation of the camp. The youth themselves develop activities according to a theme chosen by the host chapter and related to one of the four content areas of CISV – human rights, diversity, conflict and resolution, and sustainable development. To mark the CISV year of Diversity, our camp theme is Trait d’union [hyphen]. 

At Trait d’union camp, individuals from all over the world will unite to share their dreams and fears. Their ideas and interrogationsOur delegations come from Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. Trait d’union camp will be the bond between their distinct realities. It will be the place where we find out what is our trait of union?

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July 15th

                  July 15th Today was a full day! After the breakfast, the cleaning and the planning time, we watched the World Cup, Croatia against France. We were all sitting in the lullabies room and fast it became like a real stadium in there! – Marta (Italy) It was really cool to watch it with a group of people from all around the world, even if none of

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July 14th – Impact day & Open day

                            July 14th – Impact day & Open day Today was the Impact day and the Open day. First Dialogue+ came and did four workshops for us. One was about debating, another was about institutions in our countries, one led us to write things that affect us (family, friends, etc.) and things that make our personality. And the last one was a

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July 13th

          July 13th Today the Italians were Delegation of the day. We served Nutella with bread for breakfast. The Nutella finished in 10 minutes. For lunch we cooked a lot of pasta with pesto, and that finished really fast too! Before dinner we asked everyone to guess Italian gestures. It was very funny! We had fun and we ate really good food! – Cesare (Italy) The first activity was a simulation

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July 12th

                    July 12th Today during activity 1 we played a series of water games and after we talked about the consumption of water in different countries and sustainable development. Czech Republic was the Delegation of the day so at lunch we had to dance “Polka”, a traditional dance, to get to eat! After lunch we had activity 2. We did engineering work to figure out how

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July 11th

July 11th Today our day started with waking up with the Delegation of the day which was Israel.  – Maru (Czech Republic) We woke up an hour later because our leaders and staffs love us! And the staffs made “crêpe” with maple syrup 🙂 It was reaaally good. – João (Brazil) After breakfast we did a super clean of the camp. – Mariah (Canada) We had Laundry day, which means that we packed all our

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July 10th

          July 10th It was an important day for Portugal, because it was our Cultural Activity day, our Delegation of the day, and of course my birthday! As delegation of the day, we were always on time. I was so proud 🙂 It was a very occupied day, but it was awesome!!! Thank you! – Nico (Portugal) Portugal was the delegation of the day, and they made the day amazing. They

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July 9th – Excursion Day

          July 9th – Excursion Day We woke up very early, prepared our backpacks and after breakfast we went on an excursion to Montréal! We took one of those yellow buses from the movies! – Marta (Italy), Elena (Spain) I really liked the time that we spent on the bus. We sang songs and I think that everybody enjoyed it! During the singing everybody got more energetic and happy and excited!

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July 8th

                    July 8th Sweden was the delegation of the day! They woke us up with Avicii. It was a really nice way to wake up everyone. After breakfast we had cleaning duties (like every day) and it was so fun!! We were cleaning the toilets in the dorms…. – Via (Czech Republic) Even though the days are hot, we try to have some running games like

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July 7th

                    July 7th Brazil we the delegation of the day so to choose which table went first to eat first, we did dancing competitions! – Xinana (Portugal) We did an activity called Monito. In which everyone gets a person to give presents to and you can give candies, hugs, notes, whatever you think is a good idea. You just have to do nice gestures every day

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July 6th

July 6th Spain was the delegation of the day and so they were the ones waking us up. All I remember was that all of a sudden, there were shouts saying “WAKE UP!!!” with the “San Fermin” song on a speaker. It was a little traumatic but a fun way to wake up 🙂 – Joar (Sweden) We discovered that the mattress could slide on the floor on the gym floor, so we used it

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July 5th

                       July 5th Yesterday was the first day of the delegation of the day, and it was the delegation from Mexico. They made really cool activities! Like we tried to do the “Guaco”. It’s a Mexican scream that is a little strange, but so funny! At lunch, we had to dance “Payaso de Rodeo” to get our table to eat first. It was very difficult! But

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July 4th

          July 4th The first activity consisted on groups searching for a picture and memorizing it, to describe it to the rest of the group so they could draw it. – Miguel (Portugal) We all enjoyed the first activity which was about drawing and especially about communication. – Maru (Czech Republic) Then we had camp meeting that was very well organized and we all worked together very well and came up with

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July 3rd

                      July 3rd We got up, had our flag time and breakfast, and after that activities started. It was a really full day!! – Via (Czech Republic) Our first activity was about how to plan an activity. The leaders made a simulation of a really bad and disorganized activity, so we can comment on the mistakes and learn what not to do! – Laura (Brazil) We

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July 2nd – Welcome Day

              July 2nd – Welcome day First of all, we arrived at the camp. The staffs and the leaders showed us the camp and then we played games to get to know each other. Knowing our names is really important. That’s the first step to become friends! We played a really interesting game, we talked with many people about deep things to see a different side of everyone. – Elena

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