July 13th

          July 13th Today the Italians were Delegation of the day. We served Nutella with bread for breakfast. The Nutella finished in 10 minutes. For lunch we cooked a lot of pasta with pesto, and that finished really fast too! Before dinner we asked everyone to…

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July 12th

                    July 12th Today during activity 1 we played a series of water games and after we talked about the consumption of water in different countries and sustainable development. Czech Republic was the Delegation of the day so at lunch we…

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July 11th

July 11th Today our day started with waking up with the Delegation of the day which was Israel.  – Maru (Czech Republic) We woke up an hour later because our leaders and staffs love us! And the staffs made “crêpe” with maple syrup :) It was reaaally good. – João…

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